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Omron R-88-L Advanced Linear Motor Axis; Features, Specification and Other Beneficial Informational Act

Through the heart of the Advanced Linear Motor Axis, modern industries are kind of the things which need to go in pursue for better ideation among several things which go and joining in single ways of operations and service. That's why it was full reasonable where so many device, products and also tools which need to operate in single systems. And today industries has familiar and known the best ideation through the automation solution operational system.

Due to the fact, at the same time, Advanced Linear Motor Axis create kind of global climate, which shown and involved so many manufactures on various and the types of products output. Omron as one of former manufacture which is laterally known has evolved they service around best and better ideas of absolute state of the art on automation solution, has also go in pursue with kind of that competitive issued. Thats why, it was fully reasonable as we know it, Omron has developed they range of service through so many ideas to belongs with what users wanting for.

To describe and learn about that Advanced Linear Motor Axis belonging issue this article are comes. Inside this article we would go further more and talking about the ideation of one of Omron product called the advanced linear motor axis. Just go furher more and check what you can grant by using kind of this Omron products.

Advanced Linear Motor Axis
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The Features and Specification, R88-L Omron Advanced Linear Motor Axis, Solution For High Versatility

As an Advanced Linear Motor Axis industrial parts and the piece of industrial automation solution systems. The R-88 L has been prepared to answers what the industries wanting and belonging. To gain that belonging idea, Omron has completed this product with several great aspect in term of features;

  • Efficient and compact design
  • Gantry and Cartesian preconfigured availability designs
  • With 1 um repeatability, this component are ready to operate and gaining up to 5 m/s maximum speed
  • Stroke/product length ratio optimized
  • An ability to operate with low moving mass

Those great Advanced Linear Motor Axis features can come up as the impact of the great specification which comes in single way when this product made and offered publicity. This advanced linear motor axis has designed with several great specification such as; 5 VDC, max. 250 mA encoder reading head supply, 5 to 24 VDC, 25 mA half-sensors supply, with KTY-83/ 121 and PTC 110C), self encoding protection methods. It was also ready and completed with Class B insulation class, with 1000 m operation altitude meter, and around 70ᵒ C max allowable magnet temperature. Depend on that technical specifications class are made this as the best choice for users which need the high versatility of kind of that automation of solutions parts.


R88-L Omron Advanced Linear Motor Axis, has come as the best and great choice for kind of standard linear motor axes which totally great specialty in pursue of perfection for any kind of linear motor axes operational process. Due to that fact, this product are made and prepared to grant the best ideation of high efficiency core of linear motors and magnet.


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