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United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches; Types, Features and Other Beneficial Information To Grant Specific Industrial Intention

United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches is the effort to belongs with kind of greater ideas of modern industrial era, there are so many design and other brand new technology are needed for support what industries needed. That's why it was totally reasonable that's why so many people on the industries are always in search of greater ideas for better technology in term of absolute state of the art.

At the same time, there also greater United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches aspect which also need to increase. Especially on this day when the automation's solutions are becomes the greater ideas to belongs which become the parts of the industrial common days. It was totally remarkably idea that those needed are comes and growth so many industry that try to serve the main ideas of greater aspect on industrial needed. United Electronics as one of the former manufacture which developed so many device which need to be the parts of the industries.

Due to that United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches fact, here in this article we would go further more to grant the information about several model also features of each type for the UE Differential Pressure Switches products which can be greater to bring the best vision for the users.

Differential Pressure Switches
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UE Differential Pressure Switch; Specific Series, Features, To Grant Specific Industrial Intention

There are so many products which come out for each of the product which that belong with kind of each of the product. Here are the specification that belongs with each of the UE Differential Pressure Switches.

• United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches DA128S Series

This device are needed and developed to solve any users needed depend on the air or gas media. This device are completed with the polymide, silicone and diaphragms. With 1.0" H2O setting down. And ± 0.1" accuracy, which can used for critical air flow and filter, and Delta-P compartment applications. Users can installed this device for -65° to 160° F.

• United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches D56M Series

This product has come and to used at the air or inner gas. On behalf of military weapons and airborne systems intentions, this device are create with around 0.25 to 6 PSID, it was wide setting range. With around 6. Oz light weight and modular design. It was made with kind of polymide diaphragm, it also made with around 20 PSID differential over pressure. It was totally great which is prepared for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) systems.

• United Electronics Differential Pressure Switches D16M Series

For users which need the “plug-in” design which can be used and great for fittings and piping which can give significant results in space decreasing aspect. This product are comes with around 750 PSIG case proof and around 750 PSID differential proof. For user which try to look for kind of device which had the main features as hermetically sealed, compound snap action, and small size, it was the Right choice.

UE Differential Pressure Switches product are comes to gain the best ideas on military and aerospace industries. Each of the product has been design to gain what users needed and belong in term of great and efficient industrial needed.


UE Differential Pressure Switches is the kind of device which can be grant for greater aspect to belongs with military and aerospace industries where different pressure are critical. That's why the United Electronic are preserve so many product to gain that idea.


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