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Allen-Bradley SC300; An Important Tools for Operator Safety Purposes, Review on Specification that become a right function for the operator safety device

Allen-Bradley SC300 Operator Safety is part of industries as important parts of human life in automatic control system. There are several aspect which know are had to belongs with what modern people lifestyle and other parts which had to belongs by. Thats why it was totally important which is persons also need to know what was the industries it self, so they can hold up the ideas of modern way of life.

Installation and commissioning of the SC300
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Due to that description, thats why it was totally reasonable where persons also want and always go in search of better model and wonderfull tools inside the industries such as Allen-Bradley SC300 Operator Safety. From the mechanical tools, and more over with kind of latest technology belongs, such as the tools for safety, and or other tools in common.

Here in this Allen-Bradley SC300 Operator Safety article, we would go further more to know and belonging with one of world class manufacture called Allen Bradley. This manufacture are totally famous and become one of former manufacture which is create, offered and product several great things belongs with the modern industries. One of the important tools are the operator safety tools which always looking for and needed by the industrial people. To know more, just go further more and lets take a look deeper inside this thing.

Operator Safety
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SC 300; Hand Detection Safety Sensor, An Important Tool to Help the Industries deal with Operator Safety Matter

Each tools and or device which is needed by the industries are design with specific functionalities. The AB Guardmaster™, SC300 hand detection safety sensors, are working with the principle based of the certain resolution object resolution blocking or the pattern which is produce by the image sensing device. There are several features which made this tools become a right function for the operator safety device, and here are they:

  • Users are able to used on the maximum opening dimension. This capabilities can be accommodate depend on back to back with synchronization inputs connected.
  • 110ᵒ angular field of view, which can also used with the automatic alignment.
  • For the users which is wanting for used with and or mounted this device inside of OR, this product are design with die-cast aluminum housing material. It is totally accommodate to belong on side the main machinery parts.
  • This tools also accommodate the flexibility aspect. Thanks to the need no requirement software feature abilities, which can be nice to monitoring opening area.

Those features can be grant the best results thanks to the following specification such as 20 years MT (Mission Time), =< 3.2 x 10-9 PFHD, also other great features which can operate this device thorough ISO 13849-1:2006 or the Level PLd performance, also IEC 62061 which is laterally known as the SIL 2 systems.

For the users which need to used and operate Allen-Bradley SC300 Operator Safety plan which is need the specific certified requirement, this product tools from Allen Bradley has already complete with several certification such as; IFA, cULus, and CE Marked for applicable directives.


Guardmaster™ Allen-Bradley SC300 Operator Safety is kind of tools or device which offered by Allen Bradley manufacture to belongs with what industries needed in case of operator safety purposes. This device are create and offered to protect, productivity,people and environment in a whole of the industrial floor chain mechanism.


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