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Daniel 3417 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter; an Emerson Product Family, Review and Other Beneficial Information

Belongs with the idea of better modern industrial working process. At the same time, there also a more complicated idea where people of the industries, especially the engineer has to know deeper with the working field they had to manage.

One of the things which become a great issue among the industrial people are kind of specific idea where persons had to know how to control and put a best vision for the measurement they had to know. The tools, device, and other important things had to prepared as well as what user needed and at the same time of course it must be the best in service capabilities so user can get a benefits in term of applications.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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Depend on the capabilities, and the functionalities, each device which can be belong with the spirit of the industries of course had to gain the standard of better industrial working process. There are so many manufactures has go in pursue of serve the industries with that idea, but Emerson, are still former name as the manufacture and producen for any systems tools and or device, from automation solution the other device. Belongs with that spirit here in this article we would go with one Emerson product family called ultrasonic flow meter.

Daniel 3417 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter, Need To Run it As the Part of Superior Measurement Accuracy

During the time, as the impact of the better industrial working process, in any field of course. The better device are means also as the better solutions. Emerson's, with the ultrasonic flow meter product, has try to reach an idea of level and touch the perfection of flowing meter measurement. With Daniel 3417, Emerson has try to serve industries with such of great features ideas. And here are they;

  • Provide with 4 type of CPU module with around 6 frequency or digital outputs
  • Some users are used and need they measuring device are always accurate. This device are ready to belongs with kind of AGA 8 compressibility and AGA 10 speed of sounds automation calculations.
  • With 3D view of the flow profile, there are many flow indications can be seen by. From the cross flow, swirl, asymmetry also the turbulence.
  • User need to used additional meter, or the intermediate flanges. Thanks the designer which prepared this with two meters in one body model.
  • With patended transducer synchronization, there are specific benefits users can grant. It was the noise and interference preventive.
  • Daniel 3417 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter,

Daniel 3417 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter, can be dependable to gain those specific features. Of course, that's can be a good aspect which is comes because of such of specifications; DN200 to DN 1050 or 82-in to 42-in with BG or British Gas orientation. There are several specify function can also handle by this device such as; ±0.05% accuracy, 5 to 100 fps (1.5 to 30.5 m/s) repeatability and up to 100 fps (30 m/s) velocity.


Daniel 3417 Ultrasonic Gas Flow meter, are one of Emerson's product which is had specific function to measuring the gas flow. This product are suitable for users which need the BG or British Gas measuring standard. With also several features can grant of for the beneficial aspect.


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