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Emerson Rosemount Differential Pressure Flow ready as the dependable differential pressure which support the ideas of easy installation with a local operator interface

By the time, Emerson Differential Pressure Flow industries are comes to the separate way, where each way are try to brings the best ideation of suitable ideas to belongs with any kind of greater aspect in case of how to solve the ideation of brigther aspect in each sector of humans life. But, thanks to the technology developers which bring a good things to brings the supported idea for the industries itself. Each are manifest to the belonging idea of brand new tools, device and other technological product.

Emerson which one products namely Differential Pressure Flow as one of former name has also involved with the industries itself. There are several products, like tools, device and other parts which can be choose by the engineers and or people of the industries to belong with what they needed. There are several products, but here in this article we would put our focus on Emerson product called the differential pressure flow. To know what it was, lets go further more and check it more.

Differential Pressure Flow
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Rosemount™ 2051 Emerson Differential Pressure Flow; For Whom in Search of Dependable Things, Which Can Commissioning Without Tools

Emerson Differential Pressure Flow can be used in the the right time where there is a problem comes, but at the same time would be a solving idea comes. Each are can be see on deliberated aspect which can be seen on why people of the industries are always try to push they limit of productivities. Rosemount™ 2051 Emerson Differential Pressure Flow, are one of Emerson’s product which choosing by the world of the industries widely. Here are the features which made this device choosing by so many engineers.

  • Leak Tested, and already test to reduce leak points up to 70% with simplify of installations
  • It was ready to handle and operate with 0.05% of span accuracy performance
  • Preserve with easy to use menus, which are ready to handle the built in configuring working process through streamlined commissioning
  • For users which need the ready to flow installation, this product are available with pre assemble to primary elements, which ensure the reliable performance

Those Emerson Differential Pressure Flow features are ensures can come up with the best idea of modern industries which need kind of this device or tool. On case of specificational aspect, this product has been ready to belongs with several great describtional such as; 100:1 rangedown, up to 137,9 bar or 2000 psi differential measurement range, scaled variable and differential pressure output, with vary of process wetted material such as; Tantalum, Alloy C-276, also 316L SST.

Emerson Differential Pressure Flow has the flexible tools, this device are ready to operate with different communication protocol such as; 4-20 mA HART®, FOUNDATION™, PROFIBUS®, WirelessHART®, and also 1-5 V Low Power HART®. Belongs with those great specification there’s also several great specification which come to bring the extra benefits for the users, those are the certificate such as; NSF, NACE® also the SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 which are the independent 3rd party.


Belongs with the idea of brand new industrial standard, Rosemount™ 2051 Emerson Differential Pressure Flow has come as industry standard performance. It was totally ready as the dependable differential pressure which support the ideas of easy installation which also can used with a local operator interface (LOI) features.


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