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Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems; Features and Specification Aspect, in Approach of User Beneficial Act

Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems is the best idea which need to know about the new day industrial era are not only about the results or production itself. There are wide vision which need to know by the people of industries, especially for whom that put the concern and focusing they intention for brings the brighter future of industrial working experience. This condition are manifest in such of the working and business chain mechanism inside the industries itself. Not only about to solve the problem or how to increasing productivity by adapt the recent technology, there also the passion which need to reach as soon as possible where the problems comes.

Rather than the human passion, the brand new Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems hardware which need to support and belonging with the industries itself are also important. It because to build an effective and efficient working management, the absolute state of the art technology has become important. Than due to the fact, Allen-Bradley as one of former manufacture in any state of industrial component and hardware product has offered to the public kind of important product to support what the industries needed.

Current Probe Systems
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Here in this article we would go further more with one of Allen Bradley product called Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems. To know more and reach deeper about the vision of this product function, just go to the section bellow.

Suitable for Many Intention, Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems not Only exposes the Benefits But More for User Problem Solutions

Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems comes belongs to with kind of monitoring sensors hardware device, Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems are ready to gain many idea and aspect which wrap in single design to push the best result while operating. Here are the summary of the features user can grant depend on manufacturing overview release.

  • Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems was made and design especially for any field of working, such as; differential expansion measurement, rotor/position, speed/acceleration, and of course the vibration. In term of linear range from tip, it was can handle and measure in range of 9.8...1142 mils or 0.25...29 mm.
  • The sensor tip diameters which offered by are around 0.20...1.97 in. (5...50 mm), the frequency response are at around -3 dB or from DC to 10 Hz, ready with API 670 compliant.
  • Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems was prepared for used with extension cable, driver systems, and non contact pick-up probe, this are best solution when user also want to assure appropriately matched probes.
  • Certification are important for kind of industries especially where many instrument are work in single operational systems. To answers and pursue that aspect, this product are ready and wrap out with several aspect of certification, such as; CSA, CE, C-Tick, and EX.

As one of important aspect in whole and big industrial chain mechanism, the Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems has try to wrap out the sensing technology which need by recent industrial entity. There also more benefits which can grant during operational process.


Allen Bradley Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems, are kind of current probe systems, with specific linear range measurement. User can choose kind of this hardware product depend on intention and needed. It was suitable for measuring, shaft vibration, speed or phase reference, also thrust or rotor positioning detection and measurement.


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