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Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers; Features and Benefits Summary to Help User Increase Application Flexibility

Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers comes along the day of new era of technology there are so many model of the brand new technology which is need and had to belongs with the industries itself. Each technology product has design specifics for kind of right intention. That's why it was totally reasonable if many people of industries are need to belongs with kind of technology product which could help them to pursue the perfection.

During the time, Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers has known as one of former manufacture which laterally recognized widely by the world of industries. Many Allen-Bradley product are try to put an intentions also the willingness for the industries to pursue the best for they working process.

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Due to the fact, this article has try to provide the industries with reliable information about, one of technology product of industrial computers made by the Allen-Bradley manufacture. Just go further more and check for the belonging information about Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers.

VersaView 5400; an Allen-Bradley Industrial Computer Product, Help User Increase Application Flexibility

The industrial computer are one if important device which need by the world of industries to help them solve any kind of problems which comes on everyday process. Allen-Bradley, has try to brings a big intention for the industrial users around the world by offers Bulletin 6200 VersaView 5400 for kind of product class. Here are the summary of features and benefits during the process in term of application.

• Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers The Non Display Model

To pursue the right intention for the industries which looking for non display industrial computer model Allen-Bradley has offered product in range of this classification. By using this model users would grant such of this features; -20...60ᵒ C as the range of operational temperature, several mounting model from VESA type, wall, DIN rail, bookshelf even the machine mounting model. This product has offered depend on dual external outputs ports display.

• Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers Integrated Display Model

Alongs with the Non-Display model, there also the integrated display which offered by Allen-Bradley. Users would grant several features during the installation; single external display output port, 0...50ᵒ C range of environment temperature, VESA and panel mounting model, ten point edgeless glass design, with capacitive multi touch screen.

There are several Allen-Bradley VersaView 5400 Industrial Computers size and resolutions has appears belongs with this model. From 1280x800 px or 12 in. Widescreen, 15 in. or 19 in. widescreen which offered 1366x768 px an 1920x1080 px or 22 in. widescreen model. User could choose depend on application intention and other reasons.

Both of those industrial computers offered by Allen-Bradley have the E3845 CPU quad core Intel Atom processor, 128 GB SSD (solid state drive), and 4 GB RAM. There several O.S which can used as the software choice, from the popular Windows 7, WES & or Windows 10, of course it occurred the users simplicity which could put convenience aspect of users applications solutions.


Allen-Bradley industrial computer are kind of computical device which specifically used for the industrial intention. There are several benefits has rise from the features of each of the device model depend on what user needed.


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