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Galil PLC Series developed in term of technological applications where it need to support by several device, tools and or stuff

Galil PLC is the answer of the modern industries challenging that are kind of complicated environment, where so many component, device and other stuff involved with single working chain mechanism. Each of the device which provide by the engineer of course had to can handle the important ideas of systems and mechanism where it can running well during the applications. At the time being, the industries also developed in term of technological applications where it need to support by several device, tools and or stuff.

Galil PLC Series
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Due to the fact, that's why Galil PLC was totally reasonable where many of engineers has goes in search to pursue the information about brand new model, of tools or device which can help to realize the idea of creating more effective and efficient working environment by the day. Depend on that reasons also this article are written out. Here in this article we would go further more with one of device called PLC, we put the focused to product that made by Galil manufacture, called Galil PLC. Just check the information bellow.

Comes as the Remote I/O or RIO and Prior Generation I/O Controller, Galil PLC has try to Serve the World of Industries with The Latest PLC Technology

Galil PLC comes with several model and types offered publicity. Each has designed with kind of specific technical characters that purposed to brings the best features for the users. There are two model separate by types of design, here are the summary.

• Galil PLC Remote I/O Controller

There are many of series which come as the parts of the product family of Galil PLC remote I/O controller. One of series which known widely by the world of industries such as, RIO-47142 model that comes with kind of internal switch, with two Ethernet ports. It also allow the RIO without an external switch to used the daisy chaining mechanism.

Belongs with the first model, the RIO-47200 also can choose by the user which need the Remote I/O controller which contains 200 lines of program space, 126 variables, 400 array elements, 2 PID loops, and 3 Ethernet handles. For users which need scale up capacities rather than the RIO-47200, RIO-47202 has expanded capabilities which contains, 400 lines of program space, 254 variables, 1000 array element, 6 PID loops and 5 Ethernet handles.

• Galil PLC Prior Generation I/O Controller

For handling inputs and outputs users need kind of intelligent solutions controller. Galil has provide the solutions in term of prior generation I/O controller with kind of IOC-7006 Ethernet I/O controller. It was come with optional package unit such as; box level version unit that accepts 90-260 VAC or 20-60 VDC. Or the DIN rail and card-level unit which accept 20-60 VDC.

The IOC-7007 has comes include with 500 lines of non volatile program memory, arrays, variable and multitasking for execution of up to 8 programs.

Galil PLC products family has comes with several choice to brings the best functionalities of latest PLC technology for users who needed. Each has also prepared with the right design to complete application intention and brought a benefits from the features at the same time.


Galil PLC product series are the latest PLC component and technology which can be choose by users depend on the intention of application and installations. Comes separate as Remote I/O PLCs and Prior Generation I/O controller each model has can be the right choice by industrial user depend on installation intention.


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