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Rievtech PLC Products Family; Overview and Other Beneficial Process to get a simple vision to arrange effective and efficient industrial working process

Rievtech PLC Products Family can be important device in the controlling and monitoring through so many aspect which included inside the whole of industrial chain mechanism has become important and can be so nice to be the parts of industries itself. Each of the component which include with the great aspect of biggest idea for automation solution are need to grant more so it can bring the people of industries especially engineers get a simple vision to arrange effective and efficient industrial working process.

Rievtech PLC
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Each of the Rievtech PLC Products Family device which need by the industries are need to control during the process. That's why it was totally an urge idea for whom which need to try to take look kind of device, which need to installed to support the industrial working process. And here in this article we would present kind of information's for whom which looking for the important information's about the PLC or Programmable Logic Controller.

We focused the information about the Rievtech PLC product family. This was kind of important to know, because Rievtech as manufacture has produce so many types of PLC family with any specific characters for each of the series which has been included by the design.

Many model and Characteristic Rievtech PLC has try To Brings Ideal Solutions for Users Who Need Reliable Device

Rievtech PLC has comes with different product class. Each has come with specific design also great aspect of features to lead user who want to chase out the main idea of better working process. Here are such of type for each of the product include with the specification belongs.

• Rievtech PLC Products Family EXM-12DC-DA-RT-4GWIFI

Debuting for kind of project which require the Ethernet connectivity, but also require to be wireless as well, this model has support with built in wireless parameter such as; TCP/IP/UDP network protocols, the 802.11b/g/n wireless standard, STA/AP mode also the router/bridge mode networking. This type also known as the Wi-Fi and GSM PLC CPUs.

• Rievtech PLC Products Family ELC-12AC-R-N

It was kind of Ethernet PLC CPUs which can be the ideal solution for simple automation tasks. There are several features which can be grant by the users in term of application, such as; RTU/ASCII/TCP Modbus Protocol supported, DIN-rail mounting unit size allows with used breakers in building automation applications, also 1 RS232 port, 1 RS485 port/expansion port and 1 LAN port.

• Rievtech PLC Products Family ELC-12DC-DA-R-N

Included inside the Rievtech Ethernet PLC, as the Ethernet PLC CPUs product type, this device are kind of Ethernet PLC series which come up with several great features such as, built in ethernet capability available, the metal mounting plate optional which can be used by the users as the rear of the control panel dool mounting model, this device also support with RTU/ASCII/TCP Modbus protocol supported.

Each of the product of the Rievtech PLC has offered to the user which can help them to solve kind of problem which can be nice for what of any automation tasks. User also could found the best and ideal solutions with the right types which can be suitable for they application intention.


Rievtech PLC are kind of Programmable Logic Controller product series which can be nice as the automation solutions for the support what user need. There are so many model are offered each can be nice as the solutable device for the industries itself.


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