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VS Series Vigor PLC; Product Acknowledgement, Beneficial Information, an Approach for The User Guidelines for engineers in any field and industrial sector

Vigor PLC can be solution advanced technology during the time of industrial new era. In this time, we can see the change of industrial face, where right now it was so common, many manufacture are try to handle they plant by using latest technology for controller application. This condition also become a trigger for engineers in any field and industrial sector try to pursue a better idea of controlling and other device in common.

VS Series Vigor PLC
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Vigor Programmable Logic Controller as a common device which choose by the engineers to bring a best results in term of handling and controlling any machine or working process are known widely around the industrial people.

There are so many, manufacture also produce kind of Vigor PLC device and offered to the industrial market, i.e engineers, which each of the product are favourable by some of engineering communities. Many name and type, and Vigor Electric Corp., has known as one of former PLC manufacture by the world of industries. By those spirit, we try to serve with reliable information about one of Vigor PLC product series called the VS series. Just check the information bellow.

The VS Series Vigor PLC Main Unit, Variety and The Features for Each of the Belonging Type

The Vigor PLC has become one of PLC device which favourable by the industrial engineers around the world. VS series as one of the lines of the prior product lines has also known and choose because of many reasons. Here are the summary information's for each of VS series PLC product.

• Vigor PLC VSM Motion Control

Known as the precise position control industry PLC type, this are kind of right device for kind of application such as; dispenser, film laminating machine, pipe bending machine, cutting machine, bar feeder, and other application intention which need to meet up with stepper motor or various servo working conduct.

• Vigor PLC VS3, the Powerful Type

It was design to belongs with any kind of complex automation control system process. There are application intention which has can belongs, such as; automatic production lines, printing machine, semiconductor peripherals, electroplating process, automatic storage, which need to meet with large controller.

• Vigor PLC S2, the Advance Type

It was the general PLC application intention model. There are many working process could handle by kind of this device type such as; rubber vulcanization machine, passenger elevators or lift, plastic injection molding machine, metal stamping, packaging and more. It was totally design to meet up with complex industrial control process and meet vary of analog, temperature and more application intention.

• Vigor PLC VS1, the General Type

It was kind of simple automation control systems, there are such of working process could handle; from conveyor belt equipment controller, shoes-made or brick-made machine, woodworking machinery, and other sequential control which only need a simple PLC models.

Those are the product lines of VS series Vigor PLC, belongs with those, of course there are such of specific model that offered publicity. Users are known, VS1-10M which laterally could handle 6 DI (DC 24V, X0~X5 10 kHz), or VSM-14MT-D that laterally known had 32K words project memory.


Vigor PLC VS series are one of Vigor product lines on Programmable Logic Controller family of product that can be choose by users which need to belongs with kind of specific controlling for any industrial machinery automation solutions.


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