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Opto22 groov EPIC, The World’s First Edge Programmable Industrial Controller Provides More Secure Controlling System

Opto22 groov EPIC System is recent model a PLC which comfort to be used every user, because It’s like a PC and also like a smartphone! This capability in industrial controls system has really you’ve been waiting for. Yes, this is Opto 22’s groov EPIC—the world’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller many users in charged inside.

Using opto22 groov EPIC System, you can collect, process, view, and exchange data whatever you need. This process where it's produced—at the edge of the network you can set up. But, one thing you consider, when you work with data at the edge, you don’t have to worry about latency, as solution, many of engineers worked with have one single source of truth.

Opto22 groov EPIC Programmable Industrial Controller
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Opto22 groov EPIC System provides Simpler, less expensive, more secure controlling system

Opto22 groov EPIC System enable securely share data among databases, cloud platforms, to improve processes, reduce maintenance costs, provide better data for business decisions. Supported by web services, PLC systems, and other systems and equipment, this make move data efficiently, with decrease network load. DO not confused how to reduce IT reliance, because by using MQTT/Sparkplug communications you can open and modern communication standards in your industrial plant.

Opto22 groov EPIC System visualize data on the controller’s integral touchscreen, Supported by EPIC hardware with more power, more possibilities. This system completed with an external HDMI monitor, or from any web browser or mobile device with appropriate EPIC software, to make it ready to tackle your application.

Opto22 groov EPIC System support multi-tasking real-time control engine, you can do it all with groov EPIC

Opto22 groov EPIC System has remote monitoring, process control, data acquisition and processing as mandatory function. This worked based on Internet of things connections to make you can do it all with groov EPIC. You just take a look at all the software included, this can rely on real-time control and I/O from an automation manufacturer. Finally it can bring on your projects reputation for quality was built on solid state relays and I/O.

Opto22 groov EPIC System compatible with integral touchscreen for local configuration, supporting Real-time, open-source Linux operating system. In the other side, this commissioning, and troubleshooting–no PC required to make it can do multi-tasking real-time control engine. How can do like that? All of those can be done by supporting dual independent Gigabit Ethernet network. This network interfaces to help securely segment your control network from your business network with HDMI port for optional local monitor.

Opto22 groov EPIC System, Product and Specification

Opto22 groov EPIC System completed with USB ports for keyboard, mouse, Wi-Fi dongle, serial connections. This supporting device and components make it more powerful in intelligent, hot-swappable, guaranteed-for-life I/O function. For many implementation, spring-clamp field wiring up to 14 AWG can be used with an integrated wireway and adjustable cover. DO not worry to use multicolor LED for I/O module quality, plus channel indicators for discrete I/O and integrated power supply options.


Opto22 groov EPIC System can be set as the world’s First Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. This controller provides more secure controlling system to make your system run simpler, less expensive, and finally get more secure controlling system. This can be better investment to reduce your cost and increase productivity.


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