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Gissmatic Industrial Controls easy to integrate into distributed systems for every industrial control application

Gissmatic Industrial Controls run with SIRIUS, under licensed of Siemens corporation provides you a unique Protection Equipment comprehensive portfolio easy to integrate into distributed systems for every industrial control application. Engineer who takes this industrial control will get major advantages like setting their modular design, and can be planned and built into a control cabinet. This Siemens productsis a very simple way to do that because they are especially with SIRIUS Modular System, Switching Devices and Motor Starters and Load Feeders.

Gissmatic Industrial Controls
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Gissmatic Industrial Controls compatible with SIRIUS implemented device, reliable for getting Monitoring and Control Devices and also having Safety Systems in all demonstrated plant. This Position and Safety Switches also completed inside but we must conducted with Commanding and Signaling Devices to activate Switching Devices.

Gissmatic Industrial Controlsfor anticipating Overload Relayscomplete with Thermistor Motor Protection SIRIUS

Gissmatic Industrial Controls has Contactors and Contactor Assemblies with SIRIUS 3RW Softstarters and Solid-State Switching Devices. All of complement system will be protected by Siemens Protection Equipment and Circuit Breakers SIRIUS 3RV. In order to get maximum protection areas, do not hesitate to complete with Thermistor Motor Protection SIRIUS 3RN2 for anticipating Overload Relays (Thermal SIRIUS 3RU and Electronic 3RB) condition.

Gissmatic Industrial Controls completed with Motor Starters and Load Feeders, Monitoring and Control Devices and Motor Management and Control (SIMOCODE pro) to handle its function as in line with Timing Relays, Monitoring Relays, Coupling Relays projects.It is really having better Safety System conducted with SIRIUS 3SK/ 3TK28 Safety Relay with good Position and Safety Switches for operation in Control Cabinet and for operation in the Field.

Gissmatic Industrial Controls supported with Mechanical Position and Safety Switches 3SE5/ 3SF1

Gissmatic Industrial Controls supported with Mechanical Position and Safety Switches 3SE5/ 3SF1 and Non-Contact Safety Switches (RFID/ Magnetic). This mean it was Commanding and Signalling Devices with SIRIUS ACT Push Buttons and Signalling Devices. If we want to get Two-Hand Operation Consoles SIRIUS ACT 3SU18 we are now enable to tightening Cable-Operated Switches SIRIUS 3SE7, 3SF2.

Gissmatic Industrial Controls relay on Comfort Panels based on the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels. This panels are designed for implementation of high-performance visualization applications as well as the especially attractive price make them perfect. In several ways, we can do it based on the machine-level. For better performance result, this industrial controls with high performance having functionality and numerous integrated interfaces. Finally it offers the greatest convenience in high-end applications.

Gissmatic Industrial Controls on Basic Panels has basic features and functionality entry-level devices. This Basic Panels are made for the cost effective product. This simple implementation of better visualization tasks on the machine level supported by Foot Switches SIRIUS 3SE2/ 3SE3. Do you want to get better Signalling Columns SIRIUS 8WD4? Just Integrated Signal Lamps SIRIUS 8WD5 you can run together.


Siemens Gissmatic Industrial Controls having comprehensive process instrumentation portfolio. This offers best-in-class transmitters to make better performance result. This also means it was used for the widest range of applications. No matter you want to measure pressure or several temperature cases, this device can do same better, not only flow or level, but also Siemens offers a unique portfolio of process instruments.


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