Download Program to PLC Mitsubishi

For Download Program Ladder Diagram from PC to PLC Mitsubishi, Step by Step :
Step 1
Software PLC Mitsubishi, Open Software GX Developer
Software GX Developer
Step 2
Click Project --> Click Open Project... ( Ctrl + O)
And Show Open Dialog
Click Open Project
Step 2
Click Icon Open Project
And Show Open Dialog
Click Icon Open Project
Step 3
If Show Open Dialog Then Select Project Name -->
After the Porject Name has been Selected -->
Click Open Button
Select Project Name
Step 4
If Lader Diagram is Open Then :
Click Online --> Click Write to PLC ...
Write to PLC
Step 5
Menu Write to PLC
Click Param+Prog --> Click Execute Button
Show Dialog Box "Execute write to PLC" --> Click Yes Button
Execute write to PLC
Step 6
Menu Write to PLC
Waiting Write to PLC -->
Writing... Parameter --> Writing... Program MAIN
Waiting Write to PLC
Step 7
Menu Write to PLC
Show Dialog Box "Completed." --> Click OK Button -->
Click Close on Menu Write PLC
Process Write to PLC has been Finish
Close on Menu Write PLC
Video About Download Program to PLC Mitsubishi

Please Click : Communication Settings PLC Mitsubishi

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