Programming Servo Motors

1. Positioning Module QD75M1 parameters:
Positioning Module parameters

2. Servo Amplifier (MR-J2S-B) and Servo Motor (HC-KFS73) Parameter :
Servo Parameter
3. Start Operation
For Start Operation X20 = ON
Start Operation
4. Positioning Data
4.a. Positioning Data No.1
Positioning Data 1
4.b. Positioning Data No.2
Positioning Data 2
5. Positioning Start No.1 and No.2
For positioning Start X21 = ON
Positioning Start

Download Programming Servo Motors: Programming Servo Motors

Download Servo amplifiers and Motors (MR-J2S) Instruction Manual: Servo amplifier

Download Type QD75M Positioning Module User's Manual: Positioning Module

See : Application of Servo Motor

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