PLC Simulator Using FX Mitsubishi Trainer

Step 0
Download FX Mitsubishi Trainer
Goto or and Search with keyword
FX Mitsubishi Trainer

Step 1
Main menu screen for PLC Simulator or MELSOFT FX TRAINER :
Step 2
Click Category tabs -> (A) Let's Learn the FX Series PLC!
Click Button Menu ->
A-3. Let's play a Little
Play a little and start writing a program

Learn the FX Series PLC
Step 3
3.1. See Ch1 (Let's Write a Program) in Guidance Window
3.2. Click button Edit Ladder in Remote Control
3.3. The PROGRAM indicator lamp should be lit in Remote Control
Edit Ladder Remarks:
1. Remote Control
2. Guidance Window
3. Ladder Program Area
4. Ladder Tool Section
5. I/O Image Table for monitoring RUN status in the virtual PLC
6. Operation Panel
7. 3-D Graphic Simulation Virtual Manufacturing cell window

Step 4
Write a Program in Ladder Program Area
using Ladder Tool Section for Write a Program
Write a Program
Step 5
Convert this program with Press the F4 Key
Convert Program
Step 6
The program can be written to the PLC
Click Write to PLC in Remote Control
Write to PLC
Step 7
Hide Guidance Window
Guidance Window
Step 8
Ready in Simulated

For Download Video : click here

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