Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mnemonic List Some Brands PLC

Notation and Symbols Input / Output Ladder PLC
Mnemonic List PLC

1. Example Notation for Input Ladder PLC :
PLC Keyence, 0000
PLC Mitsubishi, X000
PLC Omron, 000.00
PLC Siemens, I0.1
PLC Allen Beradley, I:001/01
PLC Telemecanique, input= I0,0
PLC Toshiba, X000
PLC Sprecher+Schuh, X001

2. Example Notation for Output Ladder PLC :
PLC Keyence, 0500
PLC Mitsubishi, Y000
PLC Omron, 010.00
PLC Siemens, O2.0
PLC Allen Beradley, O:010/01
PLC Telemecanique, O0,0
PLC Toshiba, Y000
PLC Sprecher+Schuh, Y001

See Makes Ladder PLC at Software PLC :
PLC Omron, PLC Mitsubishi, and PLC Keyence

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