Sunday, July 19, 2009

Definition Function DIFD, PLF, for PLC Programming

DIFD PLC Omron :
DIFD(14) - Differentiate Down.


DIFD(14) turns ON the designated bit (B) for one scan on reception of the trailing (falling) edge of the input signal.


B: --- Bit --- IO, AR, HR, LR.

PLF PLC Mitsubishi :
PLF is Pulse Falling

PLF PLC Mitsubishi

When PLF instruction is executed, object devices Y and M operate for one operation cycle after the drive input signal has turned OFF.

DIFD PLC Keyence :
DIFD is Diff down or Differentiate down

DIFD PLC Keyence

Scans the target relay once (down differential) at the down edge of the previous state.

See : Simulator DIFD PLC or PLF PLC

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