Thursday, October 15, 2009

Upload Program PLC Omron to PC

For Upload Program Ladder From PLC Omron to PC, Step by Step :
Step 1
Software PLC Omron, Open Software SYSWIN

Step 2
1. Click : Settings Type PLC Omron in SYSWIN Software
2. Click : Communication Settings PLC Omron
Step 3
Click Online --> Click Connect
Show Dialog Box "Connect"
Connect PC to PLC Omron
Step 4
Click Online --> Click Mode ... Online Mode in PLC Omron
Step 5
Show Dialog Box "Change PLC Mode"
Click Mode STOP/PRG --> Click OK Button
Change PLC Mode STOP/PRG
Step 6
Show Dialog Box SYSWIN - Safety Mode " Continuing with this operation will affect the status of the PLC " --> Click Yes Button
Dialog Box Safety Mode
Step 7
Click Online --> Click Upload program from PLC ...
Upload program from PLC
Step 8
1. Show Dialog Box SYSWIN - Question " The Current Project has been changed. Do you wish to save it ? "
2. Click No Button
SYSWIN - Question
Step 9
1. Show Dialog Box Upload Program from PLC
2. Click OK Button
Dialog Box Upload Program
Step 10
Waiting Process Uploading ... Program
Process Uploading
Step 11
1. Upload Program --> Upload Successful.
2. Click OK Button
Upload Successful
Step 12
Change Mode to RUN
1. Click Online --> Click Mode ...
2. Show Dialog Box "Change PLC Mode"
3. Click Mode RUN --> Click OK Button
4. Show Dialog Box " SYSWIN - Safety Mode"
5. Click Yes Button
Change PLC Mode RUN
Step 13
Change to Disconnect
1. Click Online --> Click Connect ...
2. Show Dialog Box "Disconnect"
Change to Disconnect from PLC Omron Step 14
Save Project
1. Click Icon Save Project Or Click File --> Click Save Project ( Ctrl + S )
2. If Show Open Dialog Then Select Drives, Select Folders
3. Type Name Project in File name
4. Click OK Button
Save Project
Video About Upload Program PLC Omron to PC

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