Friday, February 5, 2010

The Function and the Basics of Programmable Logic Controller

There are many things that we have gained from the products of technology. Generally, there are two kinds of technology that dominate human interest during this era. What are they? Yes, they are the technologies that are related with information and also communication. One of the most common products in the communication technology is the cell phone. Meanwhile, in the information technology is the computer. Like it or not, most of our technology right now has used computerized technology. This has been useful since people can use many kinds of programs to serve its function in certain way according our needs.

Among so many kinds of computer, there is one of them that are used mainly to control other things in involuntarily. The computer is called the programmable logic controller or simply programmable controller. This is used for amusement rides, timer plc, machinery on factory assembly lines, lighting fixtures, etc. this computer is different from most computers that serve the general purpose. In this computer, the task is specifically made for multiple extended temperature ranges, multiple inputs and output arrangements, resistance to impact and vibration, and also immunity to electrical noise.

The programs, such as what you can find in the timer plc, used as machine controller are usually positioned in nonvolatile memory or the battery backed. If you are familiar with real time, this PLC is the example of it because the output results must be prepared for the response of input conditions in certain period of time so that it will work only in the intended operation.

The programmable logic controller, like the timer plc, can be used for many kinds of activities that are related with automation, for example like in packaging, manufacturing, and industrial situations. The capabilities of the programmable logic controllers are unlimited since it only depends on how the creator wants it to be.

One of the advantages in using the programmable logic controller like the timer plc is that it can take information from variety of sensors to control many kinds of machines. Besides that, the PLC also respond instantly when receives instruction, especially if it accurately control a course of action in real time. Moreover, using the PLC is quite simple since it is design so that most of electrical technician can learn using it quickly without specialized training. There are many other functions of the programmable logic controller. For example it can be used for torque control and networking, sequential relay control, distributed control system, process control, positioning control, motion control, etc.

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