Sunday, February 14, 2010

Timer PLC

Timer PLC if we separate the timer and the PLC. Timer is a measure of time while the PLC is a tool that can be in the program in accordance with the process of machine work required.

Thus, the timer plc is measuring the time in the PLC system that can be in the program for the machine work required.

Because the timer plc is, a measure of the time the timer plc has the same unit with a unit of time is seconds. For the work processes of a particular machine often requires a minor unit, then the timer plc has several units of time starting from 0.001 seconds until 1 seconds.

Timer PLC settings usually have timers; reset the timer and the actual timer.
Setting the timer used for setting the maximum time needed to output the same timer ON.
Reset Timer used to create the actual numbers and the timer to zero and turn off the timer.
Actual timer is the actual time was running when the timer is currently active. To activate the timer condition reset timer only dead.

Timer notation is usually Letter ' T '.

Continues, timer plc used for what ?

Timer PLC is used to measure processing time, to make the PLC fault output in a certain time, to make the output blinking PLC, and timer plc can also be used to replace the function of the Limit Switch is used in wear on the actuator.
In a system PLC, typically have a special timer, the timer there is a high-speed timer ( called the Special Timer ) until standard timer.

High-speed timer usually has the smallest time unit between 0.001 seconds to 0.01 seconds, while the standard timer has the smallest time unit of 0.1 seconds to 1 second.
High-speed timer is usually used for applications that require high precision time.
High-speed timer is rarely used, while the timer is usually used in standard use.

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