Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brief Information about PLC

Talking about PLC is obviously talking about the development of technology. As a matter of fact, it has something to do with its history and the development of technology. However, due to the complicated and rambling information about PLC available and presented in sites and blogs, people are quite hesitant to read them. Hence, this passage presents some brief explanation and information about PLC: its history and how it works.

Indeed, knowing about PLC working system is quite a problem to certain numbers of people. Here is the brief explanation. PLC is a kind of digital electronic device with programmable memories used to keep and maintain special instructions that control specific functions, such as logics, sequences, timings, and other essential functions.

Before PLC period, all of production systems in all fields of industries were done by so-called ‘relay’. As the demand of electronic devices increased, this relay-based machine control system was somewhat inefficient, that industrialists were trying to find the replacement tool. At that time, one company that seemed to be eager in finding the replacement tool is the General Motors; in 1968, the biggest vehicle manufacturer in the United States, requested some electronic companies to make them this replacement system. The Bradford Associates – which later changed its name into Modicon Corporation – won the proposal. One of the Modicon founder, Dick Morley, was the first person who introduced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to General Motors and a big electronic company named Gould Electronics. Interested to know more about PLC and its effects to the production, GM then purchased the first product that was coded 084.

After the first PLC, industrialists and scientists seemed to be interested about PLC that they were competing in developing it for it is much more efficient than relay. Using relay-based machines, they needed lots of money to gain their production. While using PLC, they do not need to spend much money in production upgrading.

Just an additional information why people should know about PLC early and modern programming system: in relation to the programming system, PLCs in the past are somewhat different from PLC at present. Early PLCs’ programming used a kind of instruction list, which was based on a stack-based logic solver. While modern PLC is programmed in various ways, even to such traditional programming languages.

If you wish to learn more about PLC, simply access your internet and search for the particular issue. Within only seconds, you will find myriad information on it and every single thing related to it to qualify your need. Take your time and be well-informed on this matter.


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