Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friendly Software for Beginner from Schneider PLC

PLC is widely used for process control systems in industrial automation. There are many companies that produce PLC, such as, Siemens, Omron, LG, Mitsubishi, etc. PLC price is more and more expensive now, so it becomes constraint for a beginner who wants to do experiment.

By the time we bought the PLC is usually accompanied by a CD that contains software to program the PLC. But most of the software can not be simulated. Even if the software can be simulated it needs to connect with its PLC hardware.

One of company which is Schneider Electric was producing PLC that is Zelio Logic Smart Relay. This Schneider Electric PLC has many advantages in each series. Schneider PLC is equipped with software to program the PLC the name is ZelioSoft

There are a lot of features in ZelioSoft, The standard features such as Digital Input, Digital Output, Timer, Counter, Analog Comparator, and Auxiliary contact. And more importantly ZelioSoft can be simulated without associated with its PLC hardware. This is very helpful to beginners if you want to learn PLC.

In addition to the hardware can be simulated without a PLC, ZelioSoft can also be programmed in the format:
1. Ladder symbol, this allows programmers who prefer programming with Ladder easier to do in this format.
2. Electrical symbol, this will allow programmers who prefer electrical wiring diagrams.
3. Functional Block Diagram, this will facilitate programmers who familiar with logic gates.

Below are sample images of Schneider ZelioSoft program:
Schneider ZelioSoft program


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