Thursday, March 18, 2010

SCADA Controls the Complex Systems in Real Time

If you work in an environment that requires power supply, a controlled temperature, humidity, stable environment and all the equipment operating continuously. Or you need to know in real-time status of various components and equipment in a complex system. Or you work at many more similar working conditions.

One effective way to control all the above work is to implement SCADA system at your workplace. Why should SCADA? Because SCADA systems could do the things below:

1. Accessing the quantitative measurement to the key processes directly and at all the time.
2. Detect and correct the errors quickly.
3. Measure and monitor the trends over time.
4. Finding and eliminating bottlenecks and waste times.
5. Control the larger Processes and more complex with less of people.

SCADA systems

So SCADA systems provides ease of set up and configure a system by placing sensors and control systems at each critical process. More and more sensors are placed at each process, so that more detailed operations that can be monitored. And it can work in real time.

Although the operation processes in large-scale and highly complex, SCADA systems are able to scan if something goes wrong, other than that SCADA can improve efficiency so that you can do many things with cheaper cost and will certainly increase the profit.

Below is an example of architecture SCADA:

architecture SCADA


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