Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Allen Bradley PLC Basics

Allen Bradley PLC is a product of a fairly widely used throughout the world. Allen Bradley always marked by success stories and reliability. Therefore, many companies are very fanatic with Allen Bradley products.

Generally, Allen Bradley PLC programmed using ladder logic using the software programming, i.e. RS-Logic. But this time when technology increasingly prevalent Hybrid, Allen Bradley PLC also has the ability to produce a hybrid that resembles the DCS, PLC is now marketed under the name of the Control Logix.

In order to have high capability for process control applications, Control Logix equipped with the function block and clocking capabilities up to 32 time frames. Allen Bradley PLC already has ranging generations from PLC 3, PLC-5, SLC and the last is the Control Logix.

Control Logix is the latest version of Allen Bradley PLC. This PLC was created to for deeper market penetration that had been controlled by the DCS, namely for Process Control applications.

Basic Control Logix technology is using hybrid technology. With this capability, the Control Logix can be entered in the application that requires PLC and DCS applications need.

Another feature of the Control Logix who have not owned by the previous generation such as the SLC 500 is the ability of redundancy, both power and logix (CPU).


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