Saturday, April 24, 2010

PLC Operator Interface

PLC operator interface can be communicated to higher level decision components of an enterprise to facilitate automated control and dynamics of the enterprise. Operator interface components are provided that automatically adapt interface control functionality based on the transaction events.

In industrial automation field, the function of operator interface is very important to control and monitor loops, combustion controls and conveyors. Now PLC operator interface technologies more and more advance.

The examples of operator interface technologies from some OEMs are:

Prizm, they have produced the next generation of PLC operator interface in with touch screen facility. Equipped with support for demanding visualization tasks, it allows easy operations and monitoring of the complete process on your control desk. Critical process parameters, plant operations, machine status can be monitored easily.

HIO, operator interface with I/O. It is not just operator interface but also have analog and digital I/O on the back. PID and configurable high-speed counter functionality is also included.

Xycom Pro-face, operator interface touch screens have one of largest selection of HMI serial and Ethernet protocols. It is also available in various industrial network interfaces.

Advantech WebOIT touch screens are a Windows CE computer that will publish real-time dynamic and animated graphic screens to standard browsers. The software includes math functions, report generation, archiving, alarms, batch recipes, and interface for PLCs.

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