Thursday, May 27, 2010

Learning the RSLogix 5000 System

While the manufacturing wants to convert the RSLogix500 to RSLogix5000, it was decided that to fully assess the benefits of applying RSLogix5000 to a real world manufacturing process, some of the code must be transcribed from its RSLogix500 form into the RSLogix5000 format. This was done into two steps. The first step was to decide which part of the machine code would demonstrate the greatest contrast between the two software platforms. And second step was the actual implementation of the new programming language.

The first step took considerable thought due to the vast possibilities of RSLogix5000’s four programming languages that are available. Each language is best suited, but not limited to, specific electro-mechanical functionality. For example, Ladder logic, which was the sole programming option with the RSLogix500 software, is bested suited for:
• Execution of continuous or parallel operations.
• Binary operations.
• Logical operations that are complex.
• Processing of messages and other communications.

The function block diagram programming language can be used for:
• Drive control and continuous processes.
• Control loops.
• Circuit flow calculations.

The sequential function chart (SFC) programming language work well in the following situations:
• Managing multiple operations at a high level.
• Processes that are batched.
• Motion control.
• Sequential machine operations.

Finally, the structured text programming language can be used in combination with some of other RSLogix5000 programming languages. Rockwell Automation states in Logix5000 Controllers Common Procedures Programming Manual that it is suited for:
• Complex mathematical operations.
• Specialized array or table loop processing.
• ASCII string handling or protocol processing.

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