Friday, May 28, 2010

Mini Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC) project with RSLogix 5000 programming software

The project configuration using RSLOGIX 5000 programming software:
• Tags Database: Open the PLC project with RSLogix 5000 programming software. Right click on the controller tags folder and choose the Export Tags option from pop-up menu. Make sure to select RSLogix 5000 Import/Export File(*.CSV) option on the Save as Type combo box and the All tags in project in the scope box. Click the Export button to create the CSV file with tags database configuration.
• User-Define Tags: Open the PLC project with RSLogix 5000 programming software. Select File-->Save as from the main menu. Make sure to select RSLogix 5000 Import/Export File (*.L5K) option in the Save as type box. Click the Save button to create the L5K file with the User-Defined Tags configuration.

The ABCIP driver enables communication between IWS and the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC with the 1756-ENET interface for Ethernet communication. The ABCIP supports routing communication for two levels. You can exchange data with ControlLogix PLC directly connected in the rack where the 1756-ENET module is connected, or you can address other PLCs connected to the ControlLogix rack via:
• 1756-ENET: Communication interface for Ethernet/IP protocol.
• 1756-DHRIO: Communication interface for DH+ or remote I/O (RIO).
• 1756-CNB: Communication interface for ControlNet.

ControlLogix CPU directly connected where the 1756-ENET interface is connected as shown in picture below:
ControlLogix CPU directly
The following picture is the ABCIP driver to access remote PLC connected in Ethernet/IP, DH+, RIO or ControlNet networks, via the 1756-ENET interface module:
access remote PLC connected

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