Sunday, May 2, 2010

Low Cost Programmable Logic Controller

PLC TRiLOGI is so small and low cost PLC. It can effectively replace all those bulky relays, timers or counters found in their control panel. This low cost PLC has 24V DC transistors outputs or 0 to 250V AC relay outputs eliminate the need for additional circuitry. This PLC definitely offer low price while you getting a technically superior design.

TRiLOGI PLC is easily connecting to PC using built in RS232 port on E10-npn+ type or via an Opto232 adapter on E10-relay+ type. Or connect up to 255 of them to a host PC or master PLC as smart I/O. It is simple appearance and share equally sophisticated programming tools their larger siblings.

The technical specification of TRiLOGI PLC as followings:
• 12 to 30V DC Power Supply
• 6 Inputs with LED Indicators (12~30V DC, NPN type)
• 4 Outputs (each output can sink 1A @ 12~30V DC)
• 8 internal relays+2 internal outputs
• 4 timers (0.1s to 999.9s) 4 counters(1 to 9999)
• 1 sequencer with 32 steps (step# 0 - # 31)
• 216 program steps (1 contact = 1 step)
• Programmable in Ladder Logic software With SIMULATOR.
• Creates ladder program using meaningful names:
- Uses simulator to fully test programs on the PC screen before downloading.
- On-line monitoring of all I/O logic states on ladder diagram or on full screen.
- Forced-setting/resetting of I/O can be done directly from computer screen.
- EEPROM Program Storage (40 years).
- Screw Terminal Blocks.

An E10+ PLC is programmable using an extremely user-friendly ladder logic editor-cum-simulator software -WinTRiLOGI Version 3.5. This software now runs under Windows operating systems (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP).

simulator software -WinTRiLOGI

Its built-in logic SIMULATOR allows you to perform complete off-line testing of your program on your PC screen without connecting to the target PLC.

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