Friday, May 14, 2010

Mini Programmable Logic Controllers

Mini Programmable Logic Controller is a PLC for open loop and closed loop control tasks. To save costs and increase functionality, mini PLC is increasingly being employed in areas that previously required special electronics.

Mini PLC is offering maximum performance with minimum cost. It is extremely simple installation and programming. The hardware is rugged, compact plastic housing it can be space saving. It is more economical to use mini PLC because even for small processes and machine where PLCs have not been used in the past.

Mini PLC is applicable in various industries environment such as:
• Machineries
• Food industries
• Electrical installations
• Laboratories
• Elevators
• Hydraulic lifts
• Gate controls
• Etc

The technical specifications of mini PLC as following:
• Power Supply 24V DC 1100mA
• Digital Inputs 24V DC 10mA
• Digital Outputs 24V DC 500mA
• Analog Inputs 0 to 5V DC 0 to 20mA
• Analog Outputs 0 to 5V DC 0 to 20mA
• Internal Relay (bit memories) 4096 F + 4096 M

Mini PLC is usually can be stored in storage temperature at 0 to 75 deg C. The program memory can reach to 42 Kbytes. And the back up time is every 150 days. Then the battery life time of mini PLC can be stayed until 10 years.

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