Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Benefits of Conversion RS Logix 500 to RS Logix 5000

The conversion programming from RS Logix 500 to RS Logix 5000 seen versatility alone could make the conversion from the RS Logix 500 platform to the RS Logix 5000 platform a worthwhile venture. With four different programming languages at your disposal, almost every electro-mechanical control application conceivable can be accomplished through the implementation of Rockwell Software’s RS Logix 5000 software.

Due to the multiple programming languages, it was able to be shortened. Each programming language has a topic that it has been designed for. With this in mind, the Ladder logic pertaining to the heating zones was more suitable for function block diagrams than Ladder logic. The commands are more suitable to particular applications, therefore, shortened the code.

Another benefit is having the ability to program all inputs and outputs using descriptive tags. It was obvious through the project code writing processes that a program with tags would make a program not only easier to follow, but easier to troubleshoot too. Additionally, the ability to monitor and change tag values, while the program is online, has been a benefit. For example, gain values for a PIDE function block can be changed online to optimize your PIDE curve. The result of this tuning can be seen almost instantaneously and will not disrupt the other program functions.

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