Saturday, June 5, 2010

CPM1A Programmable Logic Controllers General Feature

The following lists are CPM1A PLC features: • The CPM1A is a compact PLC with 10, 20, 30 or 40 I/O terminals built into the CPU.
• An expansion I/O unit can be connected to the 30 and 40 I/O point CPU to add an extra I/O point.
• Flash memory provides memory backup without a battery.
• The CPM1A-10CDR PCs can handle 2 interrupt inputs, the CPM1A-20CDR-CPM1A-30CDR and CPM1A-40CDR PCs can handle 4 interrupt inputs. In addition to normal input interrupts, the CPM1A has a counter mode that counts high-speed input signals and triggers interrupts at fixed count multiplies.
• Quick response input can detect input signals with a pulse width as short as 0.2 ms regardless of their timing during the PLC cycle. Quick response inputs and interrupt inputs use the same input terminals.
• CPM1A PLCs have a high speed interval timer which can be used in incremental mode or up/down mode. The high speed counter can be combined with input interrupts to perform target value control or zone comparison control that is not affected by the PLC’s cycle time.
• The CPM1A PLCs have 2 analog volume controls that can be used to make manual analog settings manually.
• The CPM1A PLCs are compatible with Host Link.
• An RS-232C adapter is used for 1-to-1 communications and an RS-422 adapter is used for 1-to-n communications.
• A data link can be created with the LR data area.
• High-Speed Man-Machine interface operations can be achieved by connecting the CPM1A to the Programmable Terminal through the NT Link Interface.
• The CPM1A uses the same Programming Consoles and SYSWIN Programming software.

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