Friday, June 4, 2010

SYSWIN V3.4 Features and Controller Link Network Support

This new version of SYSWIN V3.4 offers increased functionality for the creation and testing of PLC programs and increases the range of PLCs supports. The features of SYSWIN V3.4 are as following:
• Support for the SYSMAC ALPHA PLCs with 3 digit Expansion Functions.
• Controller Link Protocol Support.
• Communications with C-series PLC using Ethernet via the PCMCIA interface.
• Communication with a CV-series PLC using Ethernet.
• Communications with a PLC via a C200H Bridge using SYSLINK.
• Import and export of data between SYSMAC-CDM and SYSMAC-SCS.
• CV memory card support.
• Error history log.
• Project password protection.
• Program password protection.
• Unit setup.
• Advanced installations.
• Support for updates to C200HX (CPU65 and CPU85).
• Additional PLC setup for C series PLCs.
• Additional CV I/O table support.
• Memory card support for CV series PLCs to allow for partial download.

SYSWIN additionally supports the Controller Link network. The Controller network is an FA network that can send and receive large data packets flexibly and easily among the Omron C200HX/HG/HE PLCs, CV series PLC and IBM PC/AT or compatible computers.

The Controller Link supports data links that enable data sharing and a message service that enables sending and receiving data when required. Data link areas can be freely set to create a flexible data link system and effectively use data areas.

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