Thursday, June 3, 2010

Omron SYSWIN for Creating Programs of PLC

The Omron SYSWIN software is designed for use with SYSMAC C and CV series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It provides straightforward method of creating and maintaining programs and testing their operation, either offline or connected to a PLC.

SYSWIN offers a comprehensive range of facilities for the PLC programmer, from program editing to full symbolic and network debugging, including:
• New program creation.
• Program storage and editing.
• Uploading and downloading code to a PLC.
• Program status during execution by PLC.
• Commenting programs: Symbolic addresses; Symbolic blocks and network frames; Comments.
• Maintenance of library files.
• Printing program and documentation.
• Conversion from other packages.

SYSWIN runs in the Microsoft Windows environment (version 3.1 and greater) on standard IBM and compatible 486 and Pentium based desktop computers. SYSWIN is intuitive to use, and allows the programmer to rapidly configure a specific project and enter network and program data. PLC programs can be constructed in either ladder or function plan format, and previously tested networks can be recalled from libraries. A special statement list editor allows PLC programs to be viewed and checked in their mnemonic format.

These features are designed to enable users to easily adapt PLC programs to changing requirements. Additional features allow the testing of new networks in supportive and safe environment.

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