Thursday, June 3, 2010

System Requirement to Operate SYSWIN

SYSWIN operates on IBM and compatible personal computers with 80486 or better central processors, including Pentiums. It should be possible to fully install SYSWIN on any computer that can run Windows 3.1 software.

The following configuration is recommended as a minimum system for running SYSWIN effectively:
• 50 MHz 80486 or better CPU, running in enhanced mode (90 MHz Pentium processor is recommended.
• At least 8 Mbytes RAM (16 Mbytes RAM recommended or 32 Mbytes for Microsoft NT users).
• Hard disk storage with at least 10Mbytes of free space.
• VGA or better display system (800 x 600 SVGA or higher resolution is recommended).
• Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher (Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups is recommended).

It is possible to run SYSWIN in CPM1 or Demonstration mode on any machine that can run Windows software. If you intend to connect a PLC to the computer for executing program code and testing, you will require:
• RS-232C connection via a standard serial port on the computer (COM1 etc), or
• RS-442 connection, or
• SYSMAC-LINK Network service board, or
• SYSMAC-NET Network Service Board, or
• Controller Link Service Board, or
• Ethernet.
Refer to the appropriate hardware system manuals for full information about connecting and configuring these devices for your environment.

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