Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ladder Programming Workspace of SYSWIN

The main area of the SYSWIN screen is devoted to the ladder program display, as a window covering part of the total programming workspace. To view larger portion of the workspace, you can use Preferences Overview Mode command-selecting this same command again switches back to normal mode.

When first running SYSWIN, or opening a program you always see the left-hand ‘rail’, from which ladder program networks always begin. A right-hand rail exists in workspace, at its extreme right, but this is normally off the screen. When you complete the network, outputs are drawn showing a small vertical bar to indicate the right rail. This saves having to scroll the display to see the right-hand side of your networks.

The currently selected network is generally displayed at the top left of the workspace window. The left-hand side of the power is highlighted and the program scroll as you move up and down between networks. SYSWIN has a keyboard interface that allows the Up and Down arrow keys to roll up and down between networks. Page Up and Page Down keys scroll the screen by full pages. Block Insert Network command (Alt+Insert) enables you to create a new network, above or below the selected one. Using the mouse, double clicking on the left side of current network bar, if visible, insert a new network above it.

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