Thursday, June 3, 2010

Setting up a PLC Project with SYSWIN

When planning a PLC programming project, various item need to be considered and setup within SYSWIN before beginning to lay down program instructions. Once set for a project, it is not advisable to change the PLC, and preparation of an initial specification for the program is therefore recommended.

Before programming, it is recommended that you make up a checklist of the important program aspects, including its structure and PLC parameters. To start a new project in SYSWIN, you should follow these steps in addition to the basic procedure outlined in your PLC programming manual:

• Determine essential parameters of the PLC.
The SYSWIN project setup needs to know:
PLC series (C or CV).
PLC type (C200H, CQM1, etc).
CPU (where applicable).
Type of communications interface.
Your choice of editor and project type.

• Assign specific project information.
Text information should be provided.

• Check the project preferences
Determine how you want the project to be displayed, and how the statement list code is to be generated.

• Allocate PLC memory
Work out the balance required between program memory and expansion data memory.

• Establish the PLC setup parameters.
Configure the parameter necessary for the desired way of running the PLC.

• Create the appropriate I/O table.
List all I/O devices and addresses related to them.

• Create a basic structure for the program.
Note how you plan to group functional networks to make up program blocks.

• Decide how to input and edit the program.
SYSWIN offers two main methods of working on a program: ladder diagram and function plan.

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