Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Defining the Access Names of TELEMEC Server with InTouch

InTouch uses Access Names to reference real time I/O data. Each Access name equates to an I/O address, which can contain a Node, Application, and Topic. In a distributed application, I/O references can be set up as global addresses to a network I/O Server or local addresses to a local server.

The following fields are required entries when entering Access Name Definition:
Access Name Definition
1. Access Name
In the Access Name box type the name you want InTouch to use to this Access Name.
2. Node Name
If the data resides in a network I/O Server, in the Node Name box, type the remote node’s name.
3. Application Name
In the Application Name box, type the actual program name for the I/O server program from which the data values will be acquired. In case the values are coming from the TELEMEC Server the TELEMEC is used. Do not enter the .exe extention portion of the program name.
4. Topic Name
Enter the name defined for the topic in the TELEMEC Server to identify the topic the TELEMEC Server will be accessing.
5. Protocol to use
Select the DDE Protocol.
6. Advise Server
Select Advise All Items if you want the server program to poll for all data whether or not it is in visible windows, alarmed, logged, trended or used in a script. (Not recommended).
Select Advise only active items if you want the server program to poll only points in visible windows.

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