Monday, June 21, 2010

Telemecanique Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Server

The Telemecanique DDE Server is a Microsoft Windows application program that acts as a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server and allows other Widows application program to access the data from the Telemecanique TSX17-20 micro PLC and its I/O extensions blocks. Connection requires a TSX17 ACC8 interface cable and a TSX 17 ACC11 connection kit with the 9 and 25-pin connectors. The data link is established by connecting TSX 17 ACC11 to the 9-pin serial port on the IBM PC and to the 25 pin connector on the TSX 17 ACC8 is set to the Series 7 position.

The DDE protocol identifies an element of data by using a three-part address, including Application, Topic, and Item.

Application refers to the name of the Windows program (server) that knows how to access the data element. For the TELEMEC server, the application portion of the DDE address is TELEMEC.

Topic is an application specific sub group of data elements. The TELEMEC server considers Micro PLC and uses this name as the topic name for DDE references.

Item indicates a specific data element within the specified topic. For the TELEMEC Server, an item is Input bit, output bit, System bit, Internals word, Constant word, System word, Input register word, output register word, bit of any word, parameter of function block.

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