Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On-Screen Cross Reference of SYSWIN

Select Block Cross reference command to display the Address Cross reference dialog. Using the Display options, you can choose to display the list of addresses used within the current network (Alt+F7) or you can display the complete list of addresses used within the whole program (Alt+F8). When you are editing the program in the ladder editor you can press Alt+F6 to quickly show the cross references for the current address at the cursor.

Find Address
You can quickly find the references for any address by typing in the Find Address field.

Previous/Current/Next If you choose to display the address list for the current network, you can use the Next and Previous buttons to change the current network. If you have changed the current network by clicking on cross-references, you can update the Address list by clicking the Current button.

Go To
If you have a cross reference entry highlighted, you can close the Address Cross References and edit the current network using the ladder editor by pressing the Go To button. A quicker way to edit the current network is to double click on the highlighted cross reference entry.

This button closes the Address Cross-Reference and returns you to the original network that you were editing before you started the Address Cross References.

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