Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Statement List Editor in PLC with SYSWIN

The actual PLC instruction code which underlies any ladder program can be viewed and edited with the Statement List Editor. It allows you to verify the contents of networks in instruction format, and make changes as necessary. You can use Statement List Editor to create an entire program, through the features of SYSWIN encourage more intuitive programming method using ladder diagrams. This editor is intended to enable the viewing and modification of networks when the need arises.

Statement List Editor The Statement List Editor is opened with command from the Editors menu, or by clicking on the Statement List Editing button on the toolbar (Ctrl+F8). This dialog operates with the ladder display, so that when you move between networks, the ladder display moves too, and always shows the same network as selected in the editor. Use the Previous and Next buttons to step from one network to the next.

The Network and name fields from the current network header are displayed-the name field can be changed with the Network Symbol Editor.

The instruction list can be displayed in either address or symbolic format, depending on your selection for the Display option. If you have used the other editors to create symbol names for addresses, the information displayed here in Symbol mode makes it easier to follow the instruction listing. You can only change between display modes when the instructions are valid.

Instructions are entered as normal text, similar to Notepad. You can use the Windows cut, copy, paste tools (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V) in the usual way to edit the list, and the mouse to select items for coping or deleting. Ctrl+Z can also be used to undo the last change.

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