Sunday, June 13, 2010

ProWORX 32 Programming Software for Modicon PLC

ProWORX 32 programming software is a full featured, Modicon PLC programming software that compatible Windows platform (98/NT/2000/XP) that gives you the power to program all your Modicon controllers online or offline, manage your I/O subsystems, and analyze your plant activities in real time.

Below are the benefits of ProWORX 32 for Modicon PLC:
• Conversion
484 to984 in one step. The most flexible conversion tools available in automation project while it is running live. With the ability to convert from older project databases to this latest tool ProWORX already support PLC heritage for few decades.

• Intuitive Register Editor.
A power analysis tool, the data watch Windows shows you information from your plant in real time, or logs it to disk for in-depth historical analysis later on. Easily get the data you need to make informed, effectives production decisions.

• I/O Drawing Generator.
Save hours of painstaking effort with ProWORX 32’s I/O Drawing Generator, which automatically creates wiring diagrams for the I/O cards defined in the Traffic Cop. Generate necessary drawings all at once or just one card at a time-simply select an address I/O card uses with the Network Editor, then click the drawing button the hardware back referencing panel to display the diagram, save it as AUTOCAD-compatible.

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