Monday, June 14, 2010

Modicon B882-239 High Speed Counter Module

The B882-239 High Speed Counter Module has two identical and independent counters for applications that require counting or comparisons. Because the module handles the counting within own internal logic, the PLC is free to do other tasks.

Each counter counts to 9999, and two counters can be cascaded to count to 99,999,999. Each counter counts up to 10,000 pulses per second. The module has two modes of operation, high frequency and low frequency, so its maximum count rate varies from 350 Hz (Low Frequency) to 30 KHz (High Frequency).

Because the module acts independently of the PLC, it counts the high speed pulses from the field independently of the PLC scan. The counter automatically reports its current count to the PLC every scan. Where high performance is required, the modules own outputs can trigger independently of the controller scan.

The major features of the B882-239 High Speed Counter Module include:
• Two independent counter (0 – 32 Vdc, true Low).
• 0 – 30 KHz operation with selectable low frequency filter.
• Six auxiliary field inputs (0 – 32 Vdc, True Low).
• Six Field outputs (0 – 32 Vdc, True Low).
• Self diagnostic.
Other specifications of Modicon B882-239 High Speed Counter Module are:
• Reset Pulse width 13us (min).
• Enable set up time
High Frequency mode: 11us (max).
Low Frequency mode: 13us (max).

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