Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Modicon 800-Series Input/Output Modules

The Modicon 800-Series input/output offer one of the industries widest ranges of I/O modules. Their dependability has been proven in thousands of application worldwide. With over 50 modules to choose from, you can select the most cost-effective module for field device requirements.

The Modicon I/O family offers discrete, analog, special purpose and intelligent modules to meet the most demanding I/O and process control needs:

• Discrete In – which convert signals coming from field input devices such as push buttons, limit and proximity switches, or photo sensors into signals that can be used by the PLC.

• Discrete Out – which convert signals generated by the PLC into output signals used to control field devices such as motor starters, relays, lamps, or solenoids.

• Analog In – which convert analog signals coming from field input devices such as pressure, level, temperature, or weight sensors into numerical data that can be used by the PLC.

• Analog Out – which converts numerical data generated by the PLC into analog output signals to be used by field devices – such as heaters, valves, pumps instrumentation, or drives.

• Special Purpose – which handle unique signal requirements. For instant high speed counter, CAM emulator, RTD and thermocouple modules.

• Intelligent – designed for unique field applications that require i-directional (in/out) capabilities and on board processing power. For instant an ASCII/BASIC Module and high speed logic solver.

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