Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unity Pro is Programming, Debugging, & Operating Software for Modicon PLCs

Unity Pro is the common IEC 61131-3 programming that produced by Telemecanique, debugging and operating software for Modicon Premium, Atrium and Quantum PLCs.

Base on the acknowledged standard of PL7 and Concept, Unity Pro opens the door to a comprehensive set of new functions for achieving greater productivity and software collaboration.

Integrated converters, PL7 and Concept IEC applications are available in Unity Pro. This optimizes your software investment, reduces training costs and offers unrivaled potential for development and compatibility.

The application objects directly reflect the application specific components of the automated process, memory independent symbolic variables, structure data and user function blocks.

Stores in libraries on the local PC or remote server, the application objects and their properties are used and shared by all programs. Programs are automatically outdated if a library object is modified.

Five IES61131-3 languages supported as standard with high performance graphic editors and complete sets of system and application debugging and diagnostics functions.

PLC simulator on the PLC enables applications to be fully tested before being installed on site. Hyperlinks enabling all the documents and tools required for user intervention during operation or maintenance to be linked to the application.

Immediate diagnostic with a display window which provides a clear display of all system and application faults in chronological order. The navigation function for finding the causes of faults traces missing conditions back to the sources.

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