Monday, June 28, 2010

Sequence Program Writing of Mitsubishi Inverter FR-A700 PLC

Sequence program write can be performed in any operation mode (external operation mode/PU operation mode/Network operation mode). When rewriting the PLC function parameters and sequence program using GX Developer, check the following:
1. Check that the sequence program execution key is in the STOP position (SQ signal is off).
2. Check that the inverter is at a stop.
3. Check that the communication specification setting parameters are set correctly. If any of these parameters are set incorrectly, communication with GX Developer can not be made.
4. Check the PLC series and sequence program capacity in the GX Developer parameters.
5. Refer to the GX Developer manual and write sequence program.

A sequence program can not be written with its step specified. If written, the sequence program does not run. The program outside the specified range is initialized.

Do not read the built in PLC function parameters and sequence program without writing them to the inverter once using GX Developer. Since the inverter does not have normal data, always write the built in PLC function parameters and sequence program once.

Since the built in PLC function parameters and sequence program are written to the flash ROM, there are restrictions on the number of write times, approximately 100,000 times.

1K steps or more can not be written. Number of steps usable when a program capacity is 1K steps are calculated as, 1 X 1024-2 steps = 1022 steps.

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