Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Writing the Inverter Parameters Mitsubishi PLC

Inverter Parameters Mitsubishi PLC
Parameter writing is performed when the parameter number is stored to D9241 (D9243) and parameter writing value to D9242 (D9244), and turns ON the Y29 (Y2B). When writing is completed, X29 (X2B) turns ON to notify the completion. The device number within parentheses is used to write the parameter setting value to EEPROM. When writing the calibration parameter, set the following value to D9234 (D9235) to write each calibration parameter value.
0: Setting value (Frequency/Torque)
1: Parameter-set analog value
2: Analog value input from terminal

As soon as the inverter parameter write completion (X29(RAM) or X2B (EEPROM)) turns on, 0 is set to D9150 on normal completion. If an error occurs during access to the parameters, e.g. if any value outside the setting range is written or write is performed during inverter operation, the value of parameter No. + H8000 is written to D9150 as soon as the write completion signal (X29(RAM) or X2B (EEPROM)) turns on, resulting in abnormal completion. If abnormal completion occurs, the parameters are not written. For example, if an error occurs in the torque boost, H8000 is written to D9150.

Inverter parameter write must be performed in the PU operation mode or NET operation mode.

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