Thursday, July 8, 2010

Configuration of DeltaV PSIC for Siemens 3964R

This article describes the step necessary to configure the DeltaV PSIC to obtain proper communication. Each serial card in the I/O subsystem contains two channels or ports. Each port will be enabled or disabled individually and each port will contain some port specific configuration parameters. Port configuration comprises RS-232 or RS-422/485, baud rate, parity, byte size, and stop bits used. All selected parameters must match the connected field device.
The DeltaV Explorer view of configuration containing PSIC will be as follows, where C01 has a card type of programmable serial card, P01 and P02 are the ports on card, DEVXX are the field devices attached to the ports and DSXX are configured datasets under each device. You can have one or more field devices under each port.
field devices under each port
Port Configuration
First enable the port. Then click on the advanced tab and select master. Specify the retry account, message timeout value in milliseconds, and delay time. Next, click on the Communication Tab and specify the port type. The port type will be RS-232 or RS-422/485. Finally select the baud rate, Parity, Data bits and Stop bits parameters, these must match the PLC settings.

Device Configuration
Specify devices, one for each PLC. The device address must match the PLC address.

Dataset Configuration
Datasets contain the field values read from a PLC or Delta values being written to a PLC.


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