Friday, July 9, 2010

Siemens 3964R Programmable Serial Interface Card

This article describes the Siemens 3964R serial communication driver firmware for the Emerson Process Management (EPM) DeltaV control system. It will provide information requires to install the driver firmware with Delta V PSIC and connected Siemens field devices.

As part of the serial interface port license, a standard Modbus protocol is installed on the Delta V PSIC prior to customization. The PSIC needs to be flash upgraded from the Modbus protocol to the Siemens 3964R firmware before operation.

The Programmable Serial Interface Card (PSIC) support RS-232, RS-422/RS-485 Half Duplex and RS-422/RS-485 Full Duplex communications with Siemens PLC. The electrical connection and communication settings must be configured properly to ensure accurate communication between the PSIC and Siemens PLC. The primary functions of driver are listed below:
• Performs data and messages handling between Delta V and Siemens PLC.
• This driver runs in Master mode only. In this mode, the driver sends read/write commands to Siemens PLC, check validity of responses received, and updates the corresponding Delta V PSIC registers. PLC register types available for read and write are as follows:
Each PSIC, when loaded with Siemens 3964R Driver, is capable of communication with Siemens PLC over one or both of its two ports, depending upon your application.

The following table lists the minimum system requirements for the Siemens 3964R driver.
system requirements Siemens 3964R driver


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