Thursday, July 29, 2010

CX-Programmer Software to Program an Omron PLC

Omron is continuing to expand its growing family of software products for programming, communications, and data collection to interface with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). CX-Automation Suite is Omron’s family of software products that maximize productivity, simplifying to use Omron industrial automation products.
• Suite products use Omron’s CX-Server for powerful and reliable communications.
• Support all Omron communication protocols.
• All programs have common look and feel.
• Develop a single I/O point (tag) database for your PLC program using CX-Programmer and import it directly to CX-Supervisor or other CX-Automation Suite products.

At the core of Omron’s CX-Automation Suite is CX server Runtime, a common framework that all suite products use and share. A solid piece of middleware built on a Windows 32-bit platform, CX-Server runtime.

CX Server Runtime makes setting up communication easy, using a window explorer style smart configuration. Choose controller types, communication network and assign I/O points, and the configuration takes care of the rest. I/O points can also be imported / exported using Microsoft Excel. An entire network of Omron controllers can be configured for communications and data exchange in no time at all.

CX Server Runtime includes all the Omron communication protocols, Toolbus, HostLink (SYSMAC Way), SYSMAC Net, SYSMAC Link, Controller Link, Ethernet, and can act as gateway to FINS.

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