Thursday, July 29, 2010

eM-PLC : PLC Program Generation Like Experienced Control Engineer

eM-PLC fulfils all the basic and advanced requirements for PLC program generation much like a very experienced control engineer:

• It automatically defines all used variables (tags) in the symbol table, according to IEC 61131-3 addressing, while respecting user-predefines and protected input/output/memory areas. • It translates the functional sequence of operations into a sequential flow chart. The splitting of such sequences into independent cub-sequencers and automatic synchronizing is a built-in functionality that allows for the integration of maintenance considerations as well.
• It supports ladder logic, function block diagram, instruction list and SCL (structures control language).
• It fully integrates user-defined function block libraries, and enables automatic assignment of variables to library elements.
• Using “black box” logic block elements, equipment without mechanical motions or without 3D representation may be integrated.
• The option to make manual changes in STEP 7 Professional and to recognize and use them in and together with eM-PLC is widely supported.
• Tested and approved programs may be easily integrated into existing PLC programs.
• Advanced variant handling allows for the effective re-use of resources to support various working modes.

By generating the PLC program in the design phase, and then using eM-PLC/STEP 7 Professional to simulate the production cell in a virtual 3D environment, the production cell can be validated and analyzed in the design phase. As a next step, an OPC connection lets the PLC program run on the real target PLC and check the simulation one step closer to the shop floor. This also helps provide a full user environment that includes the real HMI (human machine interface) to control the production cell. This process, called virtual commissioning, eliminates problem that might otherwise be discovered later on the shop floor.

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